domenica 24 maggio 2020

sabato 23 maggio 2020

Nave - Salorno

km 30

Con poco tempo a disposizione sto riscoprendo il piacere delle pedalate veloci in pianura.

mercoledì 20 maggio 2020


 Relax salendo al Sindech
 I bei masi sotto al Sindech
 Nei boschi di Lavarone
 In discesa

 Discesa vista lago
                              Il bel sentiero a tornanti nella parte bassa del Tamazol

km 30 - dislivello 910

Sempre bello fare il giro del Tamazol. Lungo la Gibo marathon oggi un sacco di fango, complici anche le piovute torrenziali dei giorni scorsi. Discesa veloce e in ottime condizioni.

giovedì 14 maggio 2020

domenica 10 maggio 2020

Physic of the impossible

A fascinating exploration of the science of the impossible—from death rays and force fields to invisibility cloaks—revealing to what extent such technologies might be achievable decades or millennia into the future.One hundred years ago, scientists would have said that lasers, televisions, and the atomic bomb were beyond the realm of physical possibility. In Physics of the Impossible, the renowned physicist Michio Kaku explores to what extent the technologies and devices of science fiction that are deemed equally impossible today might well become commonplace in the future.From teleportation to telekinesis, Kaku uses the world of science fiction to explore the fundamentals—and the limits—of the laws of physics as we know them today. He ranks the impossible technologies by categories—Class I, II, and III, depending on when they might be achieved, within the next century, millennia, or perhaps never. In a compelling and thought-provoking narrative, he explains:· How the science of optics and electromagnetism may one day enable us to bend light around an object, like a stream flowing around a boulder, making the object invisible to observers “downstream”· How ramjet rockets, laser sails, antimatter engines, and nanorockets may one day take us to the nearby stars· How telepathy and psychokinesis, once considered pseudoscience, may one day be possible using advances in MRI, computers, superconductivity, and nanotechnology· Why a time machine is apparently consistent with the known laws of quantum physics, although it would take an unbelievably advanced civilization to actually build oneKaku uses his discussion of each technology as a jumping-off point to explain the science behind it. An extraordinary scientific adventure, Physics of the Impossible takes readers on an unforgettable, mesmerizing journey into the world of science that both enlightens and entertains.

venerdì 8 maggio 2020

5 km intorno a casa

km 5 

The Blessing of Brokenness

Mary Lou Dixon works at the Christ Holiness Baptist Church. She's overseeing the repair of the cross above the altar in time for Christmas when things start to go horribly wrong. 

This short story by New York Times best-selling author Karin Slaughter is taken from the exclusive audiobook collection The Unremarkable Heart, and Other Stories.

mercoledì 6 maggio 2020

Su stradine e sentieri sull'altopiano di Pinè

 Verso malga Stramaiolo
 Quasi alla malga verso il Rujoch
 Scendendo verso Brusago
 Qualche schianto nella parte alta non crea particolari problemi
Scendendo in val Mattio

km 32- dislivello 1100

lunedì 4 maggio 2020